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Sustainable brands won't change the world. The people who support them will. Ho'olawa is here to share with you brands that support Mama Planet first.  Of course, we prioritize Hawai'i brands whenever they meet our strict eco-friendly practices!  If you take a deep breath you can practically smell the Aloha, blossoming plumerias and salty air ;-) Mahalo for your support!

Here are some basic guidelines to help you on your Eco journey:

Eco-conscious - Support brands that are transparent about their sustainability goals, cut out all unnecessary plastic and packaging (recycled plastic is not the first option!), and utilize earth friendly materials.

Shop Local - The easiest way to be eco-friendly is to shop local first; support brands in your community, cut back on shipping/packaging waste, and contribute to your local economy.

Use your Voice - Ask brands questions about their production practices and request for plastic-free shipping.


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